Our Services 

Panels Changes

ELEXIQ provides complete electrical solutions from designing, installation to commissioning for projects of every scope and size.We also manufacture and supply electrical components on demand.



Site Survey / Inspection

ELEXIQ carries out site surveys when an initial project scope is proposed. Our design team gathers information to produce a detailed CAD drawing and a comprehensive estimate to determin the feasibility of the project.We identify the precise location, access routes, best orientation for the site and any obstacles that may hinder the project.



ELEXIQ manufactures LT panels, switchgear and other products.

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In-Depth Inspections & Condition Reports

Regular inspections, monitoring and electrical condition reports to detect potential faults before they lead to damage, injury, or loss of life. ELEXIQ will conduct an in-depth inspection of electrical installation to determine existing or potential hazards, and provide the certification and fitness reports to satisfy legal and insurance requirements.